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Prom Queen Chapter 2
    I love the smell of this gym.
    Ok, I realize that might sound disgusting from your viewpoint. But the smell of the hardwood floors, the basketball nets, the rubber of balls dribbled across the surface of the hardwood… it’s all amazing. This sport is amazing.
    Volleyball is the only thing that keeps me sane, sometimes. The feeling of spiking a ball with all my pent-up force and delivering the winning kill… well, who wouldn’t love that?
    I take a deep breath as I exit the gym to head to the locker room, my tennis shoes making a squeaking sound as they hit the hardwood. I’m wearing my spirit day shirt, the red and white Casa Roja colors displayed proudly across my chest. All the other girls will be similarly dressed.
    This sport is a sanctuary from what seems to be the downward spiral direction my life is going into lately.
:iconredearthofterra:RedEarthofTerra 2 12
Prom Queen
    I can’t believe Prom’s in a month. I mean, it seems like just yesterday I was parading around my living room in a nightgown and a plastic tiara the night my mom showed me her senior prom photo in her high school yearbook.
   My mom was the Prom Queen, and Dad was King. My parents were high school sweethearts at the same high school I go to now. Cute right?
    Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been dreaming about being prom queen. I’m top of my class and I’m one of the best players on the volleyball team. I might not be the most interesting of girls, or the coolest, but everyone just sort of knows me. So it wasn’t long before I became one of the more popular girls in school.
   Well, I can’t really call myself popular. I mean, I’m not one of those preppy girls who parades around the school spreading those “he said she said that they were making out in the jani
:iconredearthofterra:RedEarthofTerra 2 29
Imaginary - 1
  "C'mon, Aiden!" Tarrin called from ahead of me. "I want you to see this."
  "I'm coming! I'm no good at running up hills."
  Panting heavily, I followed him through the hills of the green fields, sometimes slipping on the grass, desperate to keep up with him. Sometimes I was so frightened that he'd disappear and leave me forever, even when he assured me he wouldn't. I started to panic when I couldn't see him on top of the hill, a tear leaking from my eye, but then I was poked in the back. I didn't even have to look to know that it was Tarrin, my only friend.
  As I looked at him, I became reassured that he would stay with me forever, never ceasing to exist as long as I willed him to be here. He smiled comfortingly, young face once more captivating me.
  "Isn't it nice up here? You can see everything: the hills, the lake, even your house."
  "It's your house as well," I insisted quickly. "It's our home."
  He smiled
:icondeadsoulmate:DeadSoulMate 11 61
Between the Lines - Chapter12
“Hi, Gabriel?” My voice was slightly shaking and I still wasn’t sure what to say.
“Isabel! But you said…” He seemed miserably sad, surprised and confused all at once.
I squeezed the phone in my hand so my fingers started going numb.
“Well if you say you love me you will have to learn few things. First of them: humans make mistakes, often. More often than we should really.”
“What are you implying?” The sadness was almost gone now, he sounded incredibly eager.
“Just listen me out, okay?” I paced up and down the room. My legs were shaking and my stomach was full of evil butterflies. “If we want to work this whole thing out, we need to set some rules…and understand that it is not going to be easy.” I made a little pause to think of what I was going to say next.
“Yes, whatever you want.” He interrupted.
“Please, Gab, just listen me out, no interruptions, okay? Because you have no idea how hard this act
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 1 23
Between the Lines - Chapter 11
The week went by strangely. Gabriel didn’t come up to my room again and I was relieved. But I knew he was patrolling outside my house every night. As weird as it seemed it was comforting to know when I went to sleep that it wasn’t my last night alive.
“Izzy?” Charley’s voice brought me back to reality. “Did you hear anything that I just said?” She had her head crooked to the left and her look was amused. I probably looked funny spacing out like that all the time.
It was a Saturday afternoon and we were panning out in her back yard talking about what a mental week it has been.
“You have a crush on him, don’t you?” Charley started speculating throwing me nail varnish my favourite shade of purple. “This will look great for your toes.”
I gave her a blank look. She was jumping topics again. Maybe I could get out of the whole Gabriel thing talk.
“Don’t bulge your eyes at me!” She laughed. “Spill the beans!”
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 1 26
Between the Lines - Chapter 10
He breathed out. “Izzy, I need you to listen very carefully.”
I nodded, already fascinated about what I was going to hear.
“Our world is a lot different than yours. A lot of ancient myths aren’t just legends, and it would take too long to name them all, but you could say that Bigfoot does exist, even if it is in slightly different climate zone than everyone would expect.” He snickered at that like it was some sort of inside joke that I wasn’t in on. “The myths that concern you now are werewolves and vampires. I would assume I wouldn’t need to prove their existence to you.” He grinned at me, his eyes wandering off just below my neckline.
He should get to the point faster. I thought.
“So what do you know so far?” Gab queried.
“Barely anything, except that the person I loved the most is a werewolf.”
He winced at this sentence.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” I bit my lip.
“You are just being honest, and that is o
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 2 56
Between the Lines - Chapter8
I blinked to shake the darkness off my eyelids. The first thing I saw after finally focusing my vision was Gabriel’s face. I didn’t even feel how scream erupted from my throat.
“Don’t, please Isabel!” Only few seconds later I saw hurt and despair on his face.
“What happened to Tony?” He winced at his name.
“I lost him. He will be coming again.”
I sighed in relief. “Thank God…” I whimpered.
“What? Izzy, listen to me. He want to kill you, he isn’t human anymor-”
At that second everything come back to me, the fight, the story Gab told me this morning. Antonio trying to rip my throat open… I felt dizzy with fear and confusion. How? Things like this don’t happen in real life, vampires and werewolves exist only in movies and novels and sick daydreams…
“I know it is difficult to believe, but please don-” Gab seemed to be reading my mind. I shuddered remembering Edward in Stephanie Meyer who cou
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 2 60
Between the Lines - Chapter 7
“Kinda… Why? Did Tony tell you a ghost story?” I laughed at him, but he didn’t seem to mind, somehow he never seemed to mind someone mocking him.
“The whole deal is a big ghost story.” He chuckled.
“Yeah? How that doesn’t seem possible?” He is going to lie again… Why does he even bother…?
“Well what if I told you that ghosts, vampires and werewolves exist not just in movies but in real life.”
“I’d say that you are a jerk and would ask how stupid you think I am.”
“Oh, I think you are too smart for me, that’s why I want to be honest with you. Even though my family will go ballistic because of it.”
“Okay, but no jokes or fairy tales, tell me everything, and don’t dare to lie.”
“Just listen me out, okay? Don’t say anything before I finish.”
“Okay... Go on.”
“You promise to stay quiet until I finish? No matter what I will say?”
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 1 75
Between the Lines - Chapter 6
I was wondering what to do all night.
I was one of the more popular people in the school, and I wondered if I should turn that against Gabriel to get information out of him. It wouldn’t be fair though, I owed him my life really, but on the other hand, I had to now. I fell asleep still wondering what to do, trying to figure everything out, and attempting to put the pieces back together. I couldn’t let my life crumble again.
Of course when I really needed it, I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. Instead, it was wild and haunted with nightmares. They were really random, with either Antonio or Gabriel trying to hunt me down in a dark forest. I woke up screaming before the sunrise. And I also woke up Ben. He needed his sleep; the shop would have to be opened in a few hours…
“Izzy, are you ok? What happened?” He was standing in the door in his blue and white stripy pyjamas.
“Nothing, just a bad dream…” I murmured.
“Oh… Try to get some
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 0 43
Between the Lines - Chapter 5
Gabriel’s Perspective
“If he tasted her blood, she is doomed. Love of his life or not, he will hunt her down and tear her into pieces.” Penelope was walking up and down the room at a speed not visible to human eye and talking a lot faster and quieter than any human could hear.
Thankfully, I wasn’t one.
“No, this cannot be. You don’t know him!” I tried to defend my friend best as I could, but I wasn’t doing that well.
“He isn’t your harmless little friend Antonio anymore, he is a beast and I know their kind all too well.”
My eyes involuntarily crept towards her chest where little pale scars lay as reminders of her dark past. When Penelope was my lover, I remember saying those scars were perfect, just like the rest of her. But then she met Adrian, her soul mate, and now…there is Isabel.
“In the end, it is your choice, if you say that you heard the calling for her, you have to have her. You remember what happen
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 1 38
Between the Lines: Chapter 4
I clambered up on my feet and slipped into my clothes. It was just before the sunrise and positively frigid, considering I wasn’t wearing anything. His blue jeep and everything else was still there... maybe nature had called him? But the mattress at where he lay was very cold, so he must have been gone for hours, and his clothes were scattered around in the grass.
“Tony!” I screamed into the forest. No answer. I felt fear creep up on me.
After couple of minutes I started freaking out. I left a note on the windshield of his car just in case he came back. I started walking deeper into the forest, screaming out his name. At the time, it didn’t seem stupid and reckless to go deep into a forest after subconsciously choosing a random direction and having no plan of action, without anyone knowing where I was. On my way, I couldn’t help but notice how some tree branches were broken and scattered all around me; a couple of trees even seemed mowed down by a bulldozer. I
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 0 35
Mature content
Between the Lines-Chapter 3 :iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 0 59
Between The Lines: Chapter 2
I accidentally slept in the next morning. After all the events yesterday I stayed up till late, thoughts buzzing in my head. I had questions that needed answers, almost all of them about Gabriel. The more I thought of him, the more he fascinated me. How did he get up there so fast was the question that bothered me most. I was still hoping to get an answer to that from him. He did suggest that we see each other again… So my sleeping in resulted in Ben banging on my door half an hour later then I usually get up for school.
“Izzy, get up, you’re late!” He didn’t open the door.
Ben valued my sense of privacy and was probably afraid to stumble upon me changing, so I had no problems with him trespassing.
“WHAT?!” I glanced at my phone, which was lying on my bedside table, it showed half past eight. Classes start at nine. Shit! “I’ll be right down!” I heard Ben walk away from my bedroom door.
So I jumped out of bed, and struggled into a pair o
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 1 12
Between the Lines: Chapter One
“Don’t do this Izzy!” Jess’ voice caught up with me from below.
I could hear other voices too. Some guys were cheering for Tom and some people were just plain scared. I, on the other, steadily faced my opponent, standing two floors above the ground, on the roof of local tourist office, which was closed for Sunday. Tom was smartly smirking at me. He thought I wouldn’t dare to step away from the safe corner where the edges of the roof made up a little platform.  He was steadily standing on another such platform across from me on the right.
“Are you ready Perkins?!” I shouted across to him.
“Bring it on Meyers!” He laughed. Since we were on enemy terms first names weren’t used.
Over the noise I heard Jess’ voice again:
“Izzy, get down from there, you don’t need to prove anything!”
“Will you stop worrying?!” I hoped she heard me.
“On three!” Karl screamed for both of us to hear. He was a jud
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 2 45
      The young couple sat in an old graveyard with the stars twinkling above their heads. They were cuddled beside a thick willow tree, candlelight danced in front of their eyes and the stream behind them made a quiet tinkling noise. Early autumn had cooled down the area enough to wear a long-sleeved shirt, but not cold enough to wear a coat.
      “This is so romantic, Cody. Thank you. It’s all so, so beautiful.” A teenage girl, about the age of seventeen, whispered in her boyfriend's ear. She was in awe by the fantastic fairy tale scene, but then shook her head and tried to concentrate on the boy who she was sitting by.
      “I love you, and I would take a bullet for you any day. I love you, and I always will. Forever until eternity ends-even after that, I’ll still love you. You love me too, right, Kate?” The eighteen-year-old boy softly spoke. His gorgeous green
:iconwolfofstorm:wolfofstorm 6 19
Can You See Me Now?
"Hey Mike! Wait up!" yelled out Katie, grinning as she ran up behind her friend Mike, tugging on his bag.
"Oh, hi Kate." replied Mike gloomily.
"Hey, what's up?" asked Kate, curious.
"Lauren Sutherland. That's "what's up". She doesn't even know I exist, let alone that I like her!"
"Oh." Kate's face dropped slightly, before quickly perking up as she jumped in front of Mike. "But isn't there anyone else you'd want to go out with?, for instance!"
"Yeah, totally, I'll go out with you for sure," replied Mike, rolling his eyes.
"For real?! Seriously?" Kate's eyes lit up. 'Now I can finally confess..!'
"No! Of course not, you idiot!" Mike grinned, ruffling Kate's hair. "You're just crazy old Kate, why would I want to go out with you?"
"..Oh, yeah...Of course...I mean, why would you want to go out with me?" replied Kate, laughing weakly.
"Ok, see you tomorrow then!" Mike waved goodbye cheerfully, as he turned the corner to his house.
"Yeah...bye," Kate whispered sadly.
*  &
:iconlildevil666:lildevil666 1 9



taylor troublesome
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Life had been pretty stressful lately. Okay. It has been almost completely stressful. There have been some good points though(:

I have decided that I can't draw to save my life if it doesn't involved some random girl with an uneven facial structure, and crooked piercings.

I have also pretty much quit writing down things on paper. Or typing it. My thoughts go to fast and then I just get angry because I can't get them out.

Yeah sooooo... I doubt I'll have any new uploads. I doubt anyone even cares xD

yeahh, so. bye.
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