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Innocence - Chapter 13
The shock of seeing Maryana in Aden’s arms made my heart stop. I must have been dreaming. How could someone so sweet and innocent look like that? I didn’t even want to think about how she looked.
I followed Aden and Amy up the stairs to a very large room. The room was all black with no windows. There was a bed in the corner and some chains on one of the walls.
Aden took Maryana and put her on the bed. I rushed to her side but Aden stopped me. “You don’t want to get to close.” He said sternly. His eyes were completely black.
“She is my friend!” I yelled over Maryana’s cries. I tried to push past him but he was way to strong for me.
“There is nothing we can do.” He said. He grabbed both of my shoulders and looked into my eyes. “You need to go downstairs.”
“I’m not leaving her!” I screamed. I tried to push him away but he didn’t even budge. He saw the tears rolling down my cheeks and embraced me in a hug. My m
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Innocence - Chapter 12
I didn't have to wait for Aden the next morning, because he came twenty minutes early.
Gloria let him in and brought him into the dining room where Nathan, my mom, and I were eating breakfast silently.
When Aden walked through the dining room door, I jumped out of my seat.  "What are you doing here?"
Aden smiled at me.  "Good morning."
"Hello." Nathan said, standing up.  He walked  over to Aden and shook his hand.  "Would you join us?"
"Of course."
Aden passed me and whispered in my ear, "You met mine."
I glared at him as he sat down.  
"Honey?" Julie asked.  I looked her way and she motioned me to sit down.  I sat down next to Aden and watched him.  He took a cinnamon roll off a platter and an apple off another, and put them on the plate in front of him.
"So where do you live son?"  Nathan asked.
"Just down the road."  Aden took a bite out of the cinnamon roll then another.
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Innocence - Chapter 15
I could feel the blood drip down my cheek. I was so terrified I couldn’t feel the pain or move a muscle. I was frozen against the wall.
With out blinking, Maryana followed me with her eyes. She started to move around me like she was choosing where to start. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth.
For a long moment she circled me, staring me down. “Maryana?” I squeaked.
She made a very low growl from her throat. “It’s me! Candace! Please, don’t!”
Slowly and cautiously Maryana started to crouch. She grinned, showing her two huge fangs. I knew she was going to attack me.
When I moved a few inches closer to the wall Maryana made a growling noise from her throat. I knew I was going to die. I just hoped it would be quick.
As soon as Maryana’s feet left the floor I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see what was going to happen. There was a huge slap like a gun shot and I opened my eyes.
Aden was wrestling w
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Innocence - Chapter 17
"You can'it come." Aden said sternly.
“Why not?” I wined.
He turned his head and looked into my eyes, “I won’t put you in danger.”
“But I will be in danger if I stay here—“
He thought for a moment before responding. “Not as much as on the run. She won’t bother any humans while she is here. She won’t want to bring attention to herself.”
“She will want me.”
“Why? She doesn’t know you.” Clark snapped.
I glared at him. “My scent is all over this house. She will smell it and find where I am. She will know I am connected to your family.”
They all looked at, obviously stunned by how much I thought this through. Aden was not going to leave me here.
Without looking away from my face Amy said, “She’s right. We should take her with.”
“That doesn’t matter.” Aden snapped at Clark. They were having a conversation in their own minds.
“You’ll have to come.” Ryan s
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Innocence - Chapter 16
When I woke up, I was blinded by the light coming from the double doors leading out to the balcony. I stood up and strode over to them. They were opened.
“Aden?” I called.
“Out here.” He called back. I went onto the balcony and saw Aden standing on the balcony, soaking up the sun with his shirt off. My heart skipped a beat as he turned around to face me. His chest was as pale and smooth looking as the rest of his body. Every muscle was pronounced through his tight skin.
I looked up at his eyes and noticed they were as bright green as the grass outside.
He chuckled. I was pretty sure it was because of my heart. “Good morning. How did you sleep?”
“Great. I see had a nice night yourself.”
“I went with Ryan.”
“When did you leave?”
“When you were sleeping.”
I stared at him. “And when did you get back?”
“About 20 minutes ago.”
I walked over to him. “Don’t you sleep?”
“No.” he sa
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Innocence - Chapter 18
I was so stunned by the transformation. One minute Mike, my best friend in the whole world was there, by my side, and then he was gone. Just like smoke, he vanished.
In his spot was a menacing looking woman with light brown hair.
There was a big gust of wind around me, making my hair fly in front of my face, blinding me for a few seconds.
When my hair settled, again I was stunned by what I saw. The woman was just a foot away from me. I backed up in surprise and bumped into something. I turned around to see what I had run into.
It was another woman. She was just about the same size as the other. Just her hair was different. She had smooth black hair that had no flaws.
She looked way nicer, but when I looked her in the eyes, I saw too that her eyes were also red. I jumped to my right with my back against the wall.
“Well, are we scared?” asked the first woman.
The other one smiled sweetly. When I looked over their shoulders I saw even more people.
They all were still as statues.
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Innocence - Chapter 19
Addison got up and nodded to the three vampires that were holding him down. They made Aden get on his feet but didn’t let go of him. Aden was too stunned to do anything rational.
Addison. I couldn’t remember where I heard that name before.
The woman reached out and lightly touched her hand to Aden’s cheek. He stared into her eyes. “How is it--?”
“I can hardly believe it myself.” She giggled.
“Alright, now that we have had all of our little reunions, let’s do what we have come here to do.” Marissa turned back to look at me.
I didn’t take my eyes off Aden.
Who was she?
“Well—“ Marissa said slyly. The way her voice sounded made me look at her. She was back to her normal form. “I see you didn’t know everything about your little boyfriend.”
I looked back at Aden. He was now looking at me. He was no longer as scared as he was.
The women he called Addison was standing a few feet away from him. I finally remem
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Innocence - Chapter 21
"I'm not ready?”
“No. You need to want them; you need to need them.”
The door opened and a man stepped inside. “Marissa is leaving—she needs you to come with.”
Don’t tell her! I thought. Don’t bring her to my home!
She nodded once then left with the man.
I stood up and strode over to the window. It seemed to be about midnight, maybe an hour or so off. I sat on the floor under the window and examined the shack. I was sure I could just walk out of here, but there must be people watching, making sure that I didn’t leave. I didn’t want to take that chance.
The shack was made for horses. There was a medium sized bucket in the corner and a few hooks to hang some tack or saddle on. It was a really old barn, but it was a barn.
I didn’t know how long we were there. I assumed an hour or so because the sky didn’t really change much. It was still dark, and I could still see the full moon through the small window.
Mike hadn’t moved si
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Innocence - Chapter 22
I was in so much pain, I couldn’t breath. There was pressure on my arm that was maddening. My whole body ached, but I couldn’t see anything. I could just hear.
“So what happened?” Aden’s voice sounded panicked.
“That crazy chick…” Mike voice reverberated off the walls.
“Marissa.” Addison interrupted.
I tried to speak but nothing came out of my mouth.
“Yeah…her…she started to question Candace again and broke her wrist. Then she knocked me out so I don’t really know what happened much after that. I woke up and Candace was in worse shape. She was crumpled on the ground and Marissa cut her arm.
Then she passed out.”
“Why would she cut her arm open? I don’t see what she gained.”
“She had the new born.” Addison answered.
Aden swore.
“They wouldn’t let her though.” Mike reassured. “They wanted her to tell them were some stupid book was.”
“Did she tell them?” A
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Innocence - Chapter 23
Maryana was starring me in the face; her eyes wide with hunger and her nostrils flared with the smell of my blood.
I backed up a few steps. I didn’t know what to do. No one was coming over to hold her back. My breath quickened, the pain in my chest no longer relevant.
“There she is!” Marissa said jubilantly. “Finally we have some spice in this damn thing! Now that you are back from killing in the city, would you mind doing something for me?”
I almost ran to the other side of the room, tripping on my way there. Marissa’s cackle rang through the room.
When I looked back, all eyes were on me, but Maryana was longer in sight. I looked ahead again and ran straight into something hard. I fell to the ground, losing the cloth I was holding to my arm.
In one second Maryana was on top of me, crushing me to the ground. She sunk her teeth deep into my neck. I half screamed, half gasped. The pressure of her body on mine was making it hard for me to breath.
I wasn’
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Corruption - Chapter Seven
As Mike played his guitar, he never once looked at me. It didn’t seem like he could. I didn’t want to interrupt his playing, so I waited until he was done to ask. On the last few notes, Cassandra barked along, now annoyed with the noise.
“That was beautiful, Mike.” I told him. He didn’t look at me. He didn’t answer either. He was starring at the puppy on my lap. “Mike…” I put my hand on his arm, the scars hard under my finger tips. He stood up, gliding away from me. He ran his fingers through his hair, and finally looked at me.
“Look Candace. I have a question.”
I took Cassandra off of my lap and placed her on the bed. Standing, I walked over to Mike. “What about?” I was a little worried. The last time he had asked me a question, it lead to an argument, an argument I was ignoring for the past few days. By the look on his face, he was thinking of the same thing.
“I just…” He was struggli
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Corruption - Chapter Eight
Mike and I were the last people to enter the house. My dad had invited most of the crew over for a large party so limos were showing up non stop. I was seated on Mike’s couch in his room, Mike on his bed. We hadn’t talked the whole time we were home which was now going on its third hour.
Cassandra, which I now called Cass, was seated on my lap. She was snuggled up in a ball, sleeping. I stroked her neck as she slept. I knew I needed to say something to Mike to break the silence, but I didn’t know what to say. What could I possibly say?
Cass groaned in her sleep, rolling to her other side. I decided that was a good a sign as any to say something. “Happy birthday, Mike.” It was all I could come up with.
“Thanks. Happy birthday to you too.” He came and sat down next to me on the couch. I smiled at Cass; she had noticed Mike’s presence and sat straight up. She had grown a great liking to him in the past few hours.
Small white fur
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Innocence - Chapter 24
I had been dreading this day for about a week. I didn’t think I could handle it. How was I supposed to go through with this lie?
I starred at my reflection in the long mirror. My long brown hair was tied on the back of my head in a bun. A floor length, black dress flowed down to the floor, almost trailing behind me. My arm was convincingly in a cast that did not need to be there. It was only a disguise. We had to make everyone believe that I was in an accident.
There was a knock on the door. It was Aden. “You ready?” he asked from the other side of the door.
“As ready as I’ll ever be…”
He poked his head inside. “They’re waiting.” He came all the way in and shut the door.
I sighed. I knew they were, but I wasn’t ready for this. “I just want everything to go back to normal. I want to be normal.”
Aden put his arm around my waist and stepped in front of the mirror with me. “I’m not normal--Defin
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Innocence - Chapter 20
“Mike?” I squeaked.
Mike looked around and stood up. He saw the room was filled by men and women with red eyes. Mike seemed as scared as me.
I glanced at Aden and saw he was staring at me, confused.
“This is brilliant,” yelled Marissa. “just brilliant!” She was back to her usual form.
“The love triangle.”
Mike glanced at Aden then back at me. He was questioning me with his eyes.
“Oh, now don’t tell me--!” She laughed. “Candace didn’t tell you?”
Mike looked at her skeptically.
She laughed again. “You need to learn to communicate!”
She walked over to Aden and took his chin in her tight grip. “You see him?” she asked, yanking his head to look at Mike. “He loves her.” She turned his chin to look at me.
Two women came out of the crowd and took Mike's arms and brought him away from the middle of the circle. Mike didn’t resist. He was so confused by the situation that he didn’t even r
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Mature content
Yaoi vampire love 4 :iconyushiofthedesert:YushiOfTheDesert 91 138
Innocence - Chapter 14
When I woke up I was in my bedroom at Aden’s house, I looked around but Aden wasn’t there.  That was odd.  He was always there watching me. I got up and headed down the stairs.
When I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard voices.
“There are rumors she is on the move.”
“But where to?”
“All anyone knows is to the east.”
“Does she know we are here?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Then what’s the point of moving?”
“She finally has had enough. She is coming to find us.”
“But she won’t, we’ll hide here. We’ll keep Candace safe as well.”
“But I don’t think that will work.”
“If she goes past New York, we have to leave.”
I opened the dining room door to see all of them at the table. Their conversation stopped as soon as they saw it was me. I went and sat down in the empty chair. “Who are we talking about?”
They all starred at me. No on
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Life had been pretty stressful lately. Okay. It has been almost completely stressful. There have been some good points though(:

I have decided that I can't draw to save my life if it doesn't involved some random girl with an uneven facial structure, and crooked piercings.

I have also pretty much quit writing down things on paper. Or typing it. My thoughts go to fast and then I just get angry because I can't get them out.

Yeah sooooo... I doubt I'll have any new uploads. I doubt anyone even cares xD

yeahh, so. bye.
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