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Between the Lines-Chapter 3 :iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 0 59
Between The Lines: Chapter 2
I accidentally slept in the next morning. After all the events yesterday I stayed up till late, thoughts buzzing in my head. I had questions that needed answers, almost all of them about Gabriel. The more I thought of him, the more he fascinated me. How did he get up there so fast was the question that bothered me most. I was still hoping to get an answer to that from him. He did suggest that we see each other again… So my sleeping in resulted in Ben banging on my door half an hour later then I usually get up for school.
“Izzy, get up, you’re late!” He didn’t open the door.
Ben valued my sense of privacy and was probably afraid to stumble upon me changing, so I had no problems with him trespassing.
“WHAT?!” I glanced at my phone, which was lying on my bedside table, it showed half past eight. Classes start at nine. Shit! “I’ll be right down!” I heard Ben walk away from my bedroom door.
So I jumped out of bed, and struggled into a pair o
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 1 12
Between the Lines: Chapter One
“Don’t do this Izzy!” Jess’ voice caught up with me from below.
I could hear other voices too. Some guys were cheering for Tom and some people were just plain scared. I, on the other, steadily faced my opponent, standing two floors above the ground, on the roof of local tourist office, which was closed for Sunday. Tom was smartly smirking at me. He thought I wouldn’t dare to step away from the safe corner where the edges of the roof made up a little platform.  He was steadily standing on another such platform across from me on the right.
“Are you ready Perkins?!” I shouted across to him.
“Bring it on Meyers!” He laughed. Since we were on enemy terms first names weren’t used.
Over the noise I heard Jess’ voice again:
“Izzy, get down from there, you don’t need to prove anything!”
“Will you stop worrying?!” I hoped she heard me.
“On three!” Karl screamed for both of us to hear. He was a jud
:iconkibirkstele:kibirkstele 2 45
      The young couple sat in an old graveyard with the stars twinkling above their heads. They were cuddled beside a thick willow tree, candlelight danced in front of their eyes and the stream behind them made a quiet tinkling noise. Early autumn had cooled down the area enough to wear a long-sleeved shirt, but not cold enough to wear a coat.
      “This is so romantic, Cody. Thank you. It’s all so, so beautiful.” A teenage girl, about the age of seventeen, whispered in her boyfriend's ear. She was in awe by the fantastic fairy tale scene, but then shook her head and tried to concentrate on the boy who she was sitting by.
      “I love you, and I would take a bullet for you any day. I love you, and I always will. Forever until eternity ends-even after that, I’ll still love you. You love me too, right, Kate?” The eighteen-year-old boy softly spoke. His gorgeous green
:iconwolfofstorm:wolfofstorm 6 19
Can You See Me Now?
"Hey Mike! Wait up!" yelled out Katie, grinning as she ran up behind her friend Mike, tugging on his bag.
"Oh, hi Kate." replied Mike gloomily.
"Hey, what's up?" asked Kate, curious.
"Lauren Sutherland. That's "what's up". She doesn't even know I exist, let alone that I like her!"
"Oh." Kate's face dropped slightly, before quickly perking up as she jumped in front of Mike. "But isn't there anyone else you'd want to go out with?, for instance!"
"Yeah, totally, I'll go out with you for sure," replied Mike, rolling his eyes.
"For real?! Seriously?" Kate's eyes lit up. 'Now I can finally confess..!'
"No! Of course not, you idiot!" Mike grinned, ruffling Kate's hair. "You're just crazy old Kate, why would I want to go out with you?"
"..Oh, yeah...Of course...I mean, why would you want to go out with me?" replied Kate, laughing weakly.
"Ok, see you tomorrow then!" Mike waved goodbye cheerfully, as he turned the corner to his house.
"Yeah...bye," Kate whispered sadly.
*  &
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Kiss :iconlupis-fox:Lupis-Fox 4,930 538 Dots and Stars :iconlittlemewhatever:littlemewhatever 2,581 147 Angel Aleria :iconfruity1972:Fruity1972 18 4 Olessa :icondesignsbyeve:DesignsByEve 40 35 Glamour :iconigolochka:igolochka 1,108 225 Yellow Dots :iconlittlemewhatever:littlemewhatever 2,669 201
Corruption - Chapter Ten
I didn’t knock on the door of the Westcotts when we got there. I knew that they wouldn’t be able to come to the door anyways. The sun was just about to set, but was still in the sky. I already knew what to expect when I got into the house.
The small chandelier in the hallway was on, but the rest of the house seemed to be dark and deserted. I knew it wasn’t, and continued on down a hallway, letting Mike lead me. He was walking rather fast, excited about what we headed to.
He opened one door on the right side of the hallway, and held it open for me. I stepped inside, greeted by an uproar. I couldn’t see that well because it was mostly dark, but I did see a large group of people.
Aden and his family were huddled together on one side of the room, a large table on the other filled with small presents and food. The room was lit with a small over head light and a few candles on the tables that were around the room.
“Happy birthday!” they were a
:iconnighthunter098:nighthunter098 2 0
Corruption - Chapter Nine
Mike sat down next to me on the bed. His face told me he wasn’t worried by what I was going to say, but he should be. I fumbled with my fingers, trying to think of what to say. I didn’t know how to say it. “Okay…” I began. I breathed in and out, steadying myself.
Mike sat patiently awaiting for me to bash his heart in. He just didn’t know it yet. “So…about that night. I just wanted to tell you…”
Mike shook his head. “Nope.”
“What?” I said, clearly confused.
“I don’t want to talk about it. Every time we get to talking, we always fight. I don’t want to fight anymore.”
“But Mike this isn’t…”
“Candace.” His voice was soft but firm at the same time. “I’m serious. No more ‘vampire’ talk.”
I slumped a little where I sat. Now how was I going to tell him?
“Besides,” Mike added, “it’s your birthday.”
I stood
:iconnighthunter098:nighthunter098 1 0
Corruption - Chapter Fourteen
The movie theatre was one of the biggest I have ever seen. The theatres could seat over a thousand people each and the screen was monstrous. Amy and I sat in the third row back, not caring about how our necks were going to hurt tomorrow.
There was more crying than I could handle in the movie. Amy and I held hands as we sobbed about some sapping love story that would never be. We stayed in our seats longer than we should have. We wanted to wait till everyone left; Amy wanted to do something.
I was slightly confused as to what she wanted to do, but stayed with her anyways. Once the finally couple left the theatre, Amy stood up and started to run up the long aisle toward the top of the theatre. I watched her go to the top and sit down in the middle of the top row.
She called down to me, waving her arms in the air. “Come on up here Candace!”
I hesitated for only a moment. I didn’t exactly know what she was doing. She seemed overly happy and she was act
:iconnighthunter098:nighthunter098 1 1
Corruption - Chapter Fifteen
It was only six AM and I was up two hours ago. I had the sudden feeling that something wasn’t right. I could shake it either. I didn’t want to have to call Aden over, but I did not feel right. It felt like someone was in danger, but I couldn’t do anything about it.
I got out of my bed for the fourth time and went into the bathroom. My reflection in the mirror startled me. I didn’t seem like myself. My cheek were thinner, my arms flimsier and I seem like I was slowly leaving myself behind.
I hadn’t been myself for the entire summer and it was almost over. I hadn’t been as happy as I thought I would have been. Nothing was the same.
I quickly took a shower and put my hair up in a wet ponytail. I dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, went out on the balcony, and looked over the edge. It didn’t seem like a long jump, but I didn’t want to take any chances.
My plan was to go to Aden’s house instead of him coming over here. He alwa
:iconnighthunter098:nighthunter098 1 1



taylor troublesome
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Life had been pretty stressful lately. Okay. It has been almost completely stressful. There have been some good points though(:

I have decided that I can't draw to save my life if it doesn't involved some random girl with an uneven facial structure, and crooked piercings.

I have also pretty much quit writing down things on paper. Or typing it. My thoughts go to fast and then I just get angry because I can't get them out.

Yeah sooooo... I doubt I'll have any new uploads. I doubt anyone even cares xD

yeahh, so. bye.
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